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Toy Trade-Ins

Order a How-To Guide

Toy Trade-Ins are fun-filled events where children bring in their violent toys in exchange for nonviolent toys or coupons for toys and treats.

These events often contain an educational component for parents and children as well as an entertainment component to foster a festival-like atmosphere.

Ideally, the event culminates in the creation of a Peace Sculpture made from the violent toys so the children can see a physical transformation of the violent toys into a symbol of peace.

Lion & Lamb has developed an easy-to-use guide called Toys for Peace: A How to Guide for Organizing Violent Toy Trade-Ins. You can read excerpts from this guide to inspire you to organize your own Toy Trade-In.

Toy Trade-Ins!


Peaceable Play Days are another fun way to introduce families in your community to exciting, nonviolent play activities. These events are fairs or festivals devoted to helping children discover new, nonviolent hobbies, toys and games.

If you are interested in organizing a Toy Trade-In,
please let us know by phone, fax, mail, or .


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