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Toy Lists

Violent Toys/Nonviolent Toys: What's the Difference?

Top 20 for 2003-'04
(for the 2003-2004 holiday season)
Toys that Transform Children's War Chests into Toy Chests

Dirty Dozen for 2003-'04
(for the 2003-2004 holiday season)
12 Violent Toys to Avoid

Top 20 (for 2002-'03)
Top 20 (for 2001-'02)
Top 20 (for 2000-'01)
Top 20 (for 1999-'00)
Top 20 (for 1998-'99)

  Dirty Dozen (for 2002-'03)
  Dirty Dozen
(for 2001-'02)
   Dirty Dozen (for 2000-'01)
   Dirty Dozen (for 1999-'00)
   Dirty Dozen
(for 1998-'99)


The Lion & Lamb Project

The Lion & Lamb Project is an initiative of the Tides Center.