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National Peace Sculpture

We unveiled our National Peace Sculpture at the Capital Children's Museum in Washington, DC on Martin Luther King Day (January 17, 2000). The house-shaped sculpture was formed with violent toys donated by children nationwide as part of Lion & Lambs 10,000 Toy Campaign.  

The caption on the door reads, Violent Toys Teach Violent Play.   Peace Begins With Peaceful Play.  Note the bottom layer which contains violent toys, the middle layer is full of disassembled violent toys while the top level contains nonviolent toys -- symbolizing a transition from violence to nonviolence.

house1.jpg (30737 bytes)

girlnote.JPG (20914 bytes)

At the unveiling, children gathered around and wrote messages for peace that were dropped into the bottom layer of the sculpture. Over time, as these messages accumulate, they will cover over some of the violent toys.

viewing.JPG (22576 bytes)

artists.JPG (19778 bytes)

DC area children gathered around the sculpture soon after it was unveiled.   The event was covered by CNN, NBC, and several cable stations.  This photo shows one of the cameramen filming the children. Lion & Lamb extends many thanks to the tireless sculptors from the Massachusetts College of Art who worked so hard to create the sculpture.  Pictured from left to right: Becky Reetz, Laurie Miles, Jason Massaro, Paul Gebhardt, Jessica Klein, and Marc Holland.  Thank you!!!

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