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What You Can Do

As a Family || In Your School or Community || As an Activist
Help spread Lion & Lamb's Message

With Your PTA, School, or Other Group

  • Develop an annual children's program focusing on different traditions of nonviolence. Tell the children about the lives and actions of nonviolent heroes and heroines. (Many children now think that a "hero" is a violent creature who goes out and kills people, like popular cartoon characters.)
  • Help children plant a Peace Garden as a visual reminder of their desire for peace.
  • Create an art project that focuses on nonviolence and can later be displayed in your school or house of worship: a Peace Quilt, Peace Mural, sculpture, stained glass art or other object.
  • Make it a policy not to accept violent toys and games if you are involved in a toy collection for less fortunate children.
  • Organize a parent-child letter-writing campaign to protest toys or video and computer games that the children determine are too violent. You can also write letters to local television stations protesting violent children's programs. Television station licenses are a public trust and can be revoked if citizens apply enough pressure.


The Lion & Lamb Project