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Peaceable Playdays

The purpose of the Peaceable Play Day is to introduce children to new, fun, low-cost activities and hobbies. If we ask children to refrain from watching violent programs and playing with violent games, we have to offer them constructive suggestions for other fun activities. This event is one way for a community -- be it a school, a church, or a community center -- to begin the change process.

Courtesy of the Rosenberg Foundation for Public Safety, Pittsburgh, PA

The event is run like a fair, with tables set up to display alternative hobbies, games, and other fun kids' activities. The idea is to replace television with other hobbies that can provide children with hours of engrossed pleasure. These hobbies should be free or inexpensive, and not require special tools.

Some examples include:

  • sculpting (clay, Play-Doh, paper-mache, etc.)

  • crafts from recycled household materials

  • children's gardening

  • origami

  • make-your-own book projects

  • "treasure" table (children's collections such as rocks, keychains, baseball cards, etc.)

  • making & flying kites

  • juggling

  • puppetry

  • sewing, quilting, knitting

  • puzzles

  • marbles, jacks

  • chalk drawing on sidewalk

  • blowing bubbles



Courtesy of the Rosenberg Foundation for Public Safety, Pittsburgh, PA

Recruit parents or other community leaders who are already involved in these hobbies to share their enthusiasm with others. And be creative: invite a children's group to sing or perform at the event, ask the principal or minister to set up a table with his hobby, or invite a local celebrity or sports star to attend.

Please contact us here at The Lion & Lamb Project for more information about Peaceable Play Days via phone, fax, mail, or .

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