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Mothers' and Others' Stories

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Real life stories of inspiration and action...

Merle Forney
When the pastor at the Columbia United Christian Church in Maryland challenged his small congregation of 45 families to develop a one year program to reduce violence, Merle felt compelled by this call of action.

Thomas Blaylock
When Thomas Blaylock was in second grade, he became frightened and disheartened when he heard about yet another tragic school shooting. But, rather than let his fear get the best of him, this plucky 8-year-old decided to take action.

Alice Nicks
Alice Nicks has a secret. Somehow, she has found a way to be in four places at once and stuff 36 hours of child advocacy work into a mere 24-hour day.

Jayme Westrom
When Jayme Westrom started her first teaching job at a Montessori school in Howard County, MD, she quickly noticed a disturbing phenomenon in the childrens playground activities. Jayme describes an abnormal level of aggressive behavior in the childrens play.



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