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Press Releases

Press Release: Annual Top 20 and Dirty Dozen Toy Lists, November 24, 2003.

Press Release: 'Rotten Ratings Awards', October 28, 2003.

Press Release: Children Easily Buying Adult Rated DVDs, Video Games and Music, FTC Survey Finds, October 16, 2003.

Press Release: Annual Top 20 and Dirty Dozen Toy Lists, November 26, 2002.

Press Release: Entertainment Industries Still Marketing Adult-Rated Products to Children, FTC Report Finds, June 28, 2002.

Press Release: Release of 2001 Top 20 and Dirty Dozen, December 10, 2001.

Press Release: Parents Need a Uniform Ratings System Controlled by Child Experts, Not Industry, July 24, 2001.

Media Advisory: Parent Group to Slam Industry Response on Limiting Children's "Entertainment" Violence, July 19, 2001.

Media Advisory: FTC Report on Marketing Violent Entertainment to Children: Wheres the Beef, Parent Group Asks Industry, April 24, 2001.

Toy Industry Continues to Promote Violent Toys During Season of Peace on Earth, December 4, 2000.

The Lion & Lamb Project responds to promises made by Hollywood studio executives at a hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee on Sept. 27, 2000, September 27, 2000.

Parent's Group Calls for Action to Stop Marketing Violence to Children, September 11, 2000.

MLK Day Sets Stage For Peace Event: Violent Toys Transformed Into Peace Sculpture, January 17, 2000.

Organization Calls on Congress and Industry to Stop Merchandising Violence to Children, May 4, 1999.

Lion & Lamb Helps Parents Teach Values of Nonviolence

Megatrends Author Features Lion & Lamb


The Lion & Lamb Project