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Age-Appropriate Children's Books about
Resolving Conflicts Peacefully

For Children Up to Age 8 || For Children 8 and Older

For Children Up to Age 8

The Island of Skog
Steven Kellogg
Dial Press, 1973

Angel Child, Dragon Child
M. M. Surat,
Carnival, 1983

The Big Book for Peace
Edited By Ann Dureil and Marilyn Sachs
Dutton Children's Books, 1990

The Bracelet
Yoshiko Uchidu and Joanna Yardley
Philomel, 1993

The Butter Battle Book
Dr. Seuss
Random House, 1984

Green Willow, 1993

Green Willow, 1984

Shirley Hughes
Candlewick, 1993

Grandfather's Journey
Allen Say
Houghton Mifflin, 1994

The Hating Book
Charlotte Zolotow
Harper & Row, 1969

How Humans Make Friends
Loreen Leedy
Holiday House, 1996

A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln
David Adler
Holiday House, 1989

King of the Playground
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Simon and Schuster, 1994

Let's Be Enemies
Janice May Udry
Harper & Row, 1969

Love You Forever
Robert Munsch
Firefly Books, 1986

Making Friends
Fred Rogers
Putnam's, 1987

Peace Begins with You
Kathleen Scholes
Little, Brown and Co., 1990

Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About
Margaret Read
MacDonald Linnet Books, 1992

Rosa Parks
Eloise Greenfield
Thomas Crowell, 1973

Smoky Night
Eve Bunting
Harcourt Brace, 1994

The Story of Ferdinand
Munro Leaf, Robert Lawson
Viking Press, 1963

The Sun and the Wind: An Aesop Fable
Retold by Cornelia Lehn
Faith and Life Press, 1983

For Children 8 and Older

Creative Conflict Solving for Kids
F. Schmidt and A. Friedman
Peace Education Foundation, 1985

Desmond Tutu: Bishop of Peace
Carol Greene
Children's Press, 1986

Martin Luther King: The Peaceful Warrior
Ed Clayton
Archway, 1968

A New Coat for Anna
Harriet Ziefert and Anita Lobel
Dragonfly, 1986

People Power: A Look at Nonviolent Action and Defense
Susan Neiburg Terkel
Lodestar Books, 1996

Sacajawea: A Native American Heroine
Martha Bryant
Council for Indian Education, 1989

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes
Eleanor Coerr
Putnam, 1977Cl

The Wall
Eve Bunting
Clarion, 1990

A Weed Is a Flower : The Life of George Washington Carver
Simon and Schuster, 1988

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