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What You Can Do

As a Family || In Your School or Community || As an Activist
 Help spread Lion & Lamb's Message

As an Activist

  • Organize a Violent Toy Trade-In or Peaceable Play Day in your  community.
  • Talk to local merchants who sell violent toys and video games and let them know the facts about violent play. Tell them how they can contribute to a peaceful community by removing violent toys from their shelves and ensuring that video games rated "T" for Teen and "M" for Mature are sold only to consumers in the age groups for which they are rated.
  • Organize a  letter-writing campaign to manufacturers of the violent toys and video or computer games on Lion & Lamb's Dirty Dozen list (or other manufacturers of violent toys and games) to protest these violent toys and games. You can also write letters to local television stations protesting violent children's programs. Television station licenses are a public trust and can be revoked if citizens apply enough pressure.


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