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Founder and Executive Director

Daphne White is the founder and executive director of The Lion & Lamb Project.  A former journalist with 20 years of experience covering children, families and education issues, White founded Lion & Lamb in 1995. 

 As the mother of a young boy, White became concerned when she learned that violence is a learned behavior & one that we are teaching to younger and younger children through entertainment products such as toys, video games, movies, television, arcade games, and more.  White created Lion & Lamb as a national grassroots organization dedicated to stopping the marketing of violence to children.

 White is the author of the award-winning Parent Action Kit, which provides parents and other concerned adults with the information and tools they need to teach their own values of nonviolence to their children & and to help them find alternatives to violent toys, games and entertainment.   White also developed a series of parenting workshops based on the Kit:  these workshops are now being offered across the country.

 In 1999 White testified before the Senate Commerce Committee, and in 2001 she testified before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, asking  Congress to work with industry to find ways to stop the marketing of violence to children.  "The flood of violence engulfing children's lives is impossible for parents to stop on their own," White told the Senators.  "By introducing ever-younger children to ever-more violent products, the entertainment industry is behaving with the same reckless disregard for the facts that the tobacco industry showed for so many years."

As director of Lion & Lamb, White has appeared on national news shows carried by CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNBC and Fox.  She has also been interviewed on CNN Radio; National Public Radio; the ABC and UPI Radio Networks; Bloomberg Business Radio and Marketplace; as well as local radio stations in New York, Washington, DC, Boston and other cities.

Articles about White's work have appeared in The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, NY Daily News, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Enquirer, Womans Day, Family Circle, Family PC and dozens of other publications.




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